Iran is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing nations on the startup scene. However, the Iranian ecosystem faces several challenges. From the legal point of view, due to lack of a sufficiently formed legal and regulatory structure for startups, a number of loopholes in the regulations dealing with the legal needs of startups, such as Shareholder Rights, Vesting and Stock Options, NDA, etc. shall be taken into consideration.

Such a situation requires a substantial attention by startups in ascertaining their legal needs and also in the choice of the lawyers having the standard legal expertise in this matter.

Aras-Pars’ team has had the opportunity to accompany successful examples of the Iranian startups, an experience making part of the firm’s added value.

Intellectual property

Iran has already joined most of international conventions and treaties in the matter of industrial property law, such as Paris Convention and Madrid Agreement. However, Iran has not yet adhered to some of the important legal instruments like TRIPS Agreement, neither to any international copyright instrument.

Foreign companies have many troubles regarding the infringement of their IP rights in Iran. They usually require assistance of high qualified and skillful lawyers to file suites and protect their rights in the territory, specially, in trademark and patent related issues.

Our partnership with Dadflamingo High-Tech Commercialization Services (Knowledge-based Company) enables us to propose wide range of services in this area of practice including valuation services.

Labor law

Local and International companies willing to establish a business in Iran, shall have a clear scheme of the applicable employment regulations. The questions that usually arise regarding the labor law and social security topics are among the major concerns of the business actors and require an up to date legal expertise.

Our team will protect your interest by providing you with a comprehensive legal advice on different aspects of the labor law such as the employment agreements, employees’ dismissal and the social security issues.

Corporate Law

At Aras-Pars we offer corporate law services to local and international companies operating in different sectors. Our services range from drafting companies’ articles of association, and incorporation to termination and liquidation as well as  defining the right legal structure, drafting and assisting with the negotiations of complex commercial arrangements including product development, manufacturing, marketing agreements, licensing agreements, service contracts, non-competition agreement and dispute settlement agreements.


Obtaining information on tax regulations of the territory where you are planning to establish a business is one of the most important matters you need to know about.

We are here to provide you with a comprehensive report on different types of applicable local tax such as VAT, Corporate, Property Tax and giving you a true overview of taxation system of Iran while accompanying you in preparing and submitting the annual tax sheets.

Contract Law

Accompanying you in pre negotiation meetings, drafting, amending and finalizing different types of contracts for shaping your business in Iran, need experts in various field of industry to be able to make a perfect and compatible form of contracts like EPC, JV, BOT and other  in the context of business you are willing to enter.

Our team members with a deep knowledge of drafting and negotiating, provide a comprehensive service in all types of contracts such as agency, franchise ,supply, distribution, foreign representative, consultancy agreement, etc.


Benefiting from years of experience in several foreign investment projects, our team could facilitate the process of establishing your business and obtaining FIPPA license.

We advise on the right and obligations of private investors under the provisions of the FIPPA, emphasizing its practical aspects as well as on the BITs.  Furthermore, due to our close professional relationship with the local institutions in the matter of foreign investment, inter alia, the Center of Investment and Consultancy Services of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, we can help you in an efficient manner to enter the Iranian market, finding the investment opportunities as well as your possible local partners.

Insurance law

Aras-Pars provide its clients with free consultancy and representation services concerning their relationships with insurance companies. In this regard, our services include advising on the terms and conditions of insurance policies as well as in the settlement of disputes that might arise thereunder.

Arbitration and dispute resolution

Our team members have already been involved in several national and international arbitration cases under the arbitration rules of the reputable institutions such as the ACIC, TRAC, DIAC & ICC.

We regularly advise our clients on negotiating and drafting arbitration agreements/clauses under their contracts with Iranian public and private entities.

We combine our knowledge of language, culture and industry practice to apply thorough analysis and creative strategic thinking on difficult cases in the matter of dispute settlement.

Banking and Finance

Doing business with Iran requires an in depth knowledge of the banking system. At Aras-Pars

We provide f the following professional services:

  • comprehensive consulting advice & legal opinion on banking law cases,
  • Facilitating bank account opening for foreign investors,
  • Legal advice on bank guarantees and letters of credit,
  • Drafting and negotiating different Banking agreements, including loan agreements,
  • Providing legal advice on the local banking  laws and regulations.


We provide a service of quality in the matter of litigation before the Iranian courts. We have already been involved in major court cases concerning breach of commercial contracts, partnership and joint venture agreements, government contracts, shareholder’s disputes, corporate law disputes as well as bankruptcy cases.

Our lawyers organize and handle the cases, develop litigation strategies and manage the process aiming at minimizing the risks for our clients.


Energy sector is one of the most dynamic and complex business sectors and companies active in this field are looking for in-depth legal services for challenges they met. Aras Pars’s Energy Team offer wide range of services in the natural resources and energy sector from regulatory to complex contractual issues. With our team, you can reap the benefit of constantly changing sector with legal certitude.

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