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Aras Pars is a law firm based in Tehran providing  practical legal solutions in diverse range of business areas, emphasizing on international business law

In doing our business as a consulting office, we know how to combine our expertise and deep knowledge of our clients’ business requirements.

Our team’s professional background along with close collaboration with local institutions such as the Center of Investment & Consultancy services of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Investment commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce, as well as Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce, from one part and our market experience, from the other, allow us to better analyze our clients’ requirements and develop the right approach for the matters at hand.

At Aras Pars, the constant evolution of the lawyers is considered as a fundamental value. With this in mind, we do maintain a close relationship between the practical and academic thoughts to the extent which is reasonably required to provide our clients with up to date legal solutions in different areas of practice, and with a high quality.

We are committed to handle our clients’ cases, local or international, following internationally recognized standards, in terms of rapidity and efficiency We are firmly dedicated to our clients’ success,

 From the financial point of view, we adhere to the concept upon which clients shall be provided with a top-quality legal services on terms that economically make sense.  At Aras Pars, the so-called alternative fee arrangements are the norm. We are of firm belief that such an approach, together with our determined intention to provide a top-quality advice, would help us in promoting the firm.

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